You don't need to figure life out on your own. Let me help you design and implement a self-care practice that gives you the energy and confidence you need to live your life to its full potential. 


Each session is tailored to your current situation, self-care needs and life goals. 

During a session, we (1) get to the root cause of your blocks and problems. We might address limiting beliefs, childhood programming and patterns that are preventing you from manifesting your ideal life.

I will (2) guide you through exercises, energy shifts, intention setting, self-discovery, creative exploration, and emotional healing techniques.

To create lasting success and happiness, I will (3) enable you to become your own coach by teaching you my signature method for self-coaching. 


Sessions will be held via FaceTime and are booked individually.

Unlike many other coaches, I don't offer pre-made programs as no one can predict how much time you'll need to make changes and improvements. Some clients need only one push in the right direction, others want to dig deeper or need more accountability and schedule multiple sessions.

Go with your gut and at your own speed.

I will wholeheartedly support you – whether we work together once or many times. 


 I hold a degree in Public Health from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. I further am a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Before starting my work as a Coach, I had a career in Journalism and wrote about mental health, nutrition and fitness.


I recently published two books on self-care. But most of all, I am a student of life and the human psyche. My life has taught me many hard lessons, each allowing me to connect with my clients on an even deeper and more personal level. I am highly sensitive and intuitive which shines through in the degree of individuality of my coaching and the undivided attention I give to all of my clients. 


BECOME your most authentic self

TAKE ACTION STEPS that consistently move you forward

BUILD a compassionate, loving relationship with yourself

EMBRACE and nurture your body and spirit

CREATE from the heart and live an inspired live

ESTABLISH empowering self-care rituals that feel true to you

LET GO of fears, old stories and limiting beliefs that block you

GAIN clarity in areas of your life where you feel overwhelmed and stuck

TAP INTO your intuition so it can guide you

ADDRESS the root cause of self-sabotaging behavior, procrastination and resistance

SLOW DOWN, be present, and live more mindfully

HEAL  childhood trauma and uncover your psychological programming 

FEEL calm in situations that used to cause stress, anxiety or anger

ENJOY life a little more each day

© 2020  Self-Care by Sina