Why you Should Start Your day With Morning Pages

Writing your thoughts down first thing after waking up can profoundly transform your life.

Do you feel like your mind is cluttered with thoughts that aren't getting you anywhere but stressing you out?

Writing morning pages is a great tool for creating inner peace and structuring your thoughts for the day ahead. An most of all, a daily writing practice helps you to understand yourself better, fuel your creativity and discover underlying beliefs and behavioral patterns.

This Tool is a (daily) writing routine. You'll need pen and paper or a laptop. Writing by hand feels more connected to many people. I prefer typing. Do you!

I. AWARENESS I Right after waking up in the morning, we are still in a hypnotic state. Our logical and analytical mind did not fully take over yet. It is often easier for us to hear our own authentic voice and write directly from our heart.

There are no rules for writing morning pages except these two: Do it every morning and stop only after you have filled three pages with your words.

It does not matter if what you write makes no sense, follows no structure or looks messy. That's actually encourages. Just let it all flow out onto the pages as if your mind would take a dump.

If you don't know where to start, start with "I don't know where to start. I really have nothing to say this morning. Except for the fact that I am tired and the grey sky doesn't help. But...." And there you go. You are talking to yourself and writing about it. Keep going.

II. ACCEPTANCE I Writing down your thoughts, especially the darker ones, might be hard at times. Maybe you've never allowed yourself to really listen to them before. Now seeing them take shape on paper makes them more real in a way. For this exercise, I want you to not hold yourself back in really writing what you think – without running it through a judgement filter.

Remind yourself that your mind will always bombard you with thoughts. Nice ones and not so nice ones. You can accept that and listen wisely or waste your energy on ignoring the uncomfortable ones. Spoiler: they'll resurface until you listen. So you might as well start to welcome them as your inner guidance and compass to your heart's desire and your authentic self.

Remember: You are not your thoughts. You have thoughts and you can chose what to do with them, every minute of every day. But first, and for the purpose of writing morning pages, accept them. Write them down and listen once. Then decide what to do with them. Are they worth keeping? Do you want to change or rephrase them? Consider your thoughts a movie and yourself the director. Make a movie you want to watch.

III. ALIGNMENT I If you are still with me on that whole "you are in control of your thoughts" concept, you can now chose better thoughts for yourself. After doing the morning pages exercise for a few weeks, you will start to notice patterns and connections between your thoughts and behaviors. You will gain deeper insights into your psyche.

This is all very valuable information. It will show you where you need to make little changes.

1. Reframe your thoughts to bring yourself closer to your desired reality.

2. In terms of sticking to the morning pages practice, think how someone who has made the morning pages a habit would go about writing them every day. How would they do it? Act as if you were that person already.


I am twelve weeks into my morning pages routine and loving it. Leave a comment below and share your experience!

RESOURCES: Book: The Artist's Way

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