Find a New Perfect

I hate to break it to you but you might never have the perfect body. At least until you stop defining "perfect" as what you see on social media, TV, magazine covers or runways.

Those bodies are most of the time one or all of these things: obsessively sculpted, intensely edited, genetically blessed, maintained only for a short moment in time (no one is in bikini shoot shape all year round) or not healthy at all.

You can compare yourself to people who dedicate their lives to looking a certain way.

You can make all the sacrifices to lose those last five pounds (that probably no one notices but you.) But why would you? This is an invitation to think about what truly matters to you and how you want to live your life. To choose a definition of "perfect" (or get rid of that word altogether!) that is aligned with your vision.

Exercise: Define Your Vision & Values

Get clear on what's most important to you in your life. What are your core values? Which adjectives describe the lifestyle you want? What activities do you enjoy and appreciate most? What makes you happy?

Write down the vision of how you want to live your life. You can even make a physical vision board. Then identify the expectations you have of yourself around eating and your body that clash with those values and sabotage your happiness.

Replace or rephrase those expectations. Do you really need to reach a certain weight before your beach vacation? Do you really need to cut out carbs to be skinny? Do you really need to fit in a size two dress to be pretty? Have a flat tummy all the time? Be ashamed of cellulite? Or can you actually embrace your authentic self and start living your life without obsessing about your looks? Imagine how much energy that would free up for other things!

You Choose Who's an Influencer in Your Life

You decide who's part of you tribe. Think about the standards you have for your real-life friends. What qualities are you looking for in a person? How do you want to feel around them?

Ask yourself whether the accounts you follow would pass your friendship test. It might not feel like who we follow on social media affects us that much but think about it: You let those pictures and captions into your life everyday. You probably consume a lot of them first thing in the morning. Don't underestimate their impact on your perception of yourself and the world.

Even if you know that all content is staged, curated, edited, and filtered – your subconscious mind does not. If following an account makes you feel crappy, not good enough, discouraged, or envious - just hit unfollow. It's that easy.

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