The Ultimate Daily Self-Care Checklist

Use this list to check in with yourself every day.

The seemingly small daily acts of self-care are not only the ones that can make the world of a difference, they are paradoxically often the ones we forget about the easiest.

I made this list for myself to ensure I don't throw all self-care efforts out the window as soon as I get stressed.

I hope it helps you remember to take care of your daily self-care needs and thereby increases your chances of feeling great and grounded every day.

You don't have to check off everything every day. This is more of an invitation to ask yourself "how am I doing?" at least once a day. If you feel that one thing is really missing in your daily routine, has been neglected for a while or feels particularly important that day, focus on that very thing.

  • Talk to a nice human. Good energy is contagious.

  • Move and get back into your body (instead of being all in your head).

  • Spend at least ten minutes of quality time with yourself (lock yourself in a bathroom if that's the only way to get away from people).

  • Go outside and breathe in fresh air. A 5-minute walk around the block counts. Your cells love oxygen!

  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration lifts your mood.

  • Get at least one important or urgent thing done. And enjoy crossing it off your list.

  • Say something nice to another person (AND to yourself, while you're at it.)

  • Sleep for at least seven hours. If not possible at all, schedule in a quick nap or take things slower today.

  • Eat a dish that is delicious and nourishing.

  • Ask for help if you need it.

  • Shower and put on clothes that make you feel good about yourself (I see you, freelancers!)

  • Get inspired and fuel your creativity (read a few pages in a book, listen to a new song, try a new dish, draw, engage in a hobby, follow your curiosity by learning something new...)

  • Actively notice something positive about this day or yourself

  • Take a few really deep breaths. A one-minute breathing meditation to start and end your day can make a big difference.

  • Ask yourself how you're doing

  • Do something kind for yourself like nicely setting the dinner table even when you're eating alone.

  • Keep your space clean and organized. Maybe even buy some flowers. Set the stage for a good mood.

RESOURCES I My book: "Ich pass auf mich auf"

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