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Hey there!

Before launching Self-Care by Sina, I graduated from Hamburg University with a degree in Public Health. While in college, I worked in clinical research in the field of psychology and became super passionate about mental health. I loved scanning studies for the truth. But the rather dry researcher life wasn't for me. I needed to tell people about my findings in a fun and relatable way.


I transitioned into the publishing world and found my dream job at Germany's leading fitness magazine at the time, where I worked full-time as an editor while earning my degree from journalism school. As their trend columnist, I tried and covered every diet and fitness trend imaginable, got to travel and interview athletes, scientists and doctors. It was great. But something was missing.

When my job took me to New York, the city took my breath away. I felt like I was fully alive for the first time and decided (not without almost sh*tting my pants) to quit my job, lease and long-term relationship and move to Manhattan.

Now, that might sound like a movie script but let me tell you, life swallowed me whole and spit me out more times than I thought I could handle. That's why I got into self-care and empowering other women to make the most of their lives.

Fast forward a year, I had deeply immersed myself into the NYC wellness scene, got certified as a coach and personal trainer and started working with female founders and entrepreneurs who needed help chilling the heck out. I also worked two other jobs because the hustle and cost of living in New York are no joke...

Today, I live in Berlin (did I mention that I am German?) to be closer to my friends and family. I just published two books on self-care and am now in the middle of creating online self-care courses and resources to help more people.


I created SCBS as a source of information that feels like talking to your most relatable friend who also gives unbiased and well-rounded expert advice.


In a world of self-proclaimed gurus and sponsored opinions galore, I felt like this was missing. 

My goal is to use SCBS as a platform to connect with women from around the world and embrace realness, vulnerability and authenticity.


I have no censor when it comes to talking about feelings. I really love to tell it how it is. You name a problem or insecurity, I probably have or had it. Topics like heart brake, body image, depression, grief, loneliness, career confusion, procrastination…are discussed on SCBS. You definitely won't just find basic diet advice and pretty pictures of me meditating on my blog.

WHY? Because the internet is full of fake perfection and! Comparing ourselves to photoshopped strangers on social media is not serving us in any way. Let's not do that anymore.


Thank you for stopping by my virtual self-care sanctuary. I am so happy you found it! 



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